Phobos & Deimos Deluxe EZ Starter Set All in for 6 launches, model rocket kit

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The Phobos and Deimos Twin Rocket Set has everything you need to launch 2 rockets.

Phobos and Deimos are the names of the moons of Mars.  Phobos is the largest of the two.

Included in the set is;

  1x Phobos rocket
  1x Deimos Rocket
  1x Angle adjustable launch pad
  1x Launch controller
  6x ABC motors
  6x Electric igniters
  1x PP3 Industrial battery for the launch controller

For the serious beginner that wants to progress to bigger and more powerful rockets.

Recommended engines Phobos:
B4-4 (100m altitude - First flights)
C6-5 (280m altitude)
D9-7 (560m - Out of sight)

Recommended engines Deimos:
A6-4 (55m altitude - First flights)
B4-4 (160m altitude)
C6-7 (410m - Out of sight)

The three fin design has an accurate and easy to construct NO GLUE "fin can" that virtually guarantees straight flights for this model rocket kit. Sticky back decals and self coloured nose and fins mean that there's no need to paint the rockets although you can if you wish.

Included in this set is the rugged Klima Air Launcher, their Air Launch Controller, six motors, wadding, 9v PP3 battery and, oh, yeah, 2 easy to build rockets that can see you at the launch field just as soon as the glue is dry!

The Estes starter/launch sets are great fun for beginners that want to have a go. This Klima set, however, gives you a top class set of ground support equipment that is capable of going well beyond A/B/C or even D powered rockets.

The Pan set's pistol grip Air Launch Controller and Launch Pad need special mention. For the higher power requirements of mid or high power rockets, you can add a second 9v PP3 battery to the controller.

The wide stance pad can be upgraded with a 6mm rod that is capable of launching D, E or F power motors. You can go even bigger with the rail assembly.

You will need some modelling supplies to complete the rocket.
The essentials are Wood glue (not a lot), scissors, 180-240 grit sand paper (not 100% essential).
You can paint the rocket too if you wish! And you might find a ruler, craft knife and a pencil handy for all modeling setups.

Note: Model rocketry is recommended for ages 10 and up with adult supervision for those under 12. Unless otherwise specified, all models require assembly. Tools, construction and finishing supplies sold separately. In order to launch, a launch system, model rocket engines, igniters and recovery wadding are required - sold separately-unless otherwise specified.

Product specifications

Age recommendation
10+ with adult supervision or 12+
Altitude on max suggested motor
Battery type
1x 9V PP3 included (Add another one for extra launch power)
Construction skill
Beginner set
Ground support equipment
Controller and Pad included
Maximum suggested motor
Minimum suggested motor
Motor mount
poly parachute
Model rocket starter set
Ignition type
Electric igniters included
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Manuals / PDF's

Phobos Building Instruction Manual (Phobos_building_instructions.pdf, 1,779 Kb) [Download]

Deimos Building Instructions (Deimos_Building_Instructions.pdf, 1,758 Kb) [Download]

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