Eggtimer apogee deployment controller electronics kit

August 19, 2023
Eggtimer apogee deployment controller electronics kit

We are now stocking the Eggtimer electronics kits for your model rocketry needs. Mainly designed for mid and high power rockets, but some of these can be used in large lower powered rockets too.

Eggtimer make flight computers, GPS tracking systems and recovery deployment options, all in electronic kit form to assemble yourself.
The Eggtimer apogee deployment controller kit is incredible value for money and is easy to solder. It will fit inside a 24mm tube and is perfectly at home alongside a Jolly logic chute release. 
It's both easy to use and simple to build. Almost completely through-hole components so no need to grab the magnifying glass for those little surface mounted components!

The apogee deploys your parachute at apogee and it also beeps out your altitude after the flight. 
Please have a browse of the Eggtimer kits if you're into your electronics and your rocketry.