TSP Rocket motors - D20, E20 & F35 rocket motors

August 19, 2023
TSP D, E & F Motors UK Stock

We are now stocking an exciting new range of rocket motors from TSP in Poland. These motors have been in development for years and offer incredible performance at incredibly reasonably prices.

These motors are single-use in 24mm and 29mm diameter (F size for the latter). And available with 0, 2, 4, 6 and 8 second delays. 

They are suitable for use in many rockets from Estes, Estes PRO, LOC Precision, Public Missiles, Klima, North coast rocketry and more. They would be fantastic in a cluster!
We are stocking three models (D, E and F) with the G motor in development. These motors are classified as UN0432 / 1.4S so can be sent via courier.
This line of Mid-Power engines are reliable and powerful. They are quite easy to ignite so they are suitable for multi engine clusters and staged rockets too.
These motors don't use black powder so offer a higher performance too.

You can use pretty much any motor igniter of your choosing, or the included ones too. For staging you can have D, E and even F35-0 as your first stage engine. These motors can ignite the following stage reliably and without issue. 
TSP motors have CE certification so are fully legal to purchase and use here in the UK.