UKROC 2024 is announced

October 1, 2023
UK ROC is here and we have the bits you need

The UKROC competition is an incredible opportunity for schools and clubs. It's a great competition, in which you work together to build a rocket to fly an egg safely and hit other targets too.

You will need to great a rocket no more than 650 grams in gross weight and the rocket needs to be at least 650mm tall too. It has to use two different size air frames with a wider one at the bottom and narrower at the top. The upper tube must be no more than 57mm in diameter and the lower one must be over 63.5mm in diameter. The mission is to fly an egg safely as close to 820 feet (250 meters) in altitude with a total duration of 43-46 seconds.

This is a great competition for schools with loads to learn and experience along the way. 

We have loads of parts and have even put together some starter bundles of bits that are perfectly suited to creating your rocket.

There are two main approaches for your body tube size and further parts therefore.  We can supply both Klima 75 and 50mm air frame with our Klima 75/50 coupler do suit the 2024 rules well. We also stock the BT70 and BT80 tube and our own BT70/80 coupler which are also a great fit for the design requirements this time. 

We can supply everything you need and are happy to help with advice, although you can speak to UKROC too for help and guidance.

You can visit our UKROC dedicated page here.
And you can visit the UKROC website here


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