Which recovery wadding should you choose?

August 19, 2023
Klima recovery wadding

Recovery wadding is needed to prevent your parachute or streamer from being damaged by being burnt or melted in your rocket.
When your motor or ejection charge is ready to eject your parachute these create extremely hot gases that can damage your recovery system. Wadding is essential therefore to absorb this heat instead of your parachute!
There's nothing worse than a crispy roasted parachute after your first launch.

We offer three main wadding options.

1) Estes wadding sheets
2) Klima natural wadding
3) Nomex re-usable wadding

The Estes wadding is what most people know and trust, it works reliably and you can put the correct number of sheets in for each launch. It's a great option for all rocket launches.

Klima has developed their wadding packs from hemp fiber which is environmentally friendly.
This 100% biodegradable wadding works just as well at protecting your recovery system and meets fire protection class B1.
Depending on the size of your rocket you should manage to get 40-50 rocket launches on smaller rockets from the big bag.

Our Nomex wadding is a heat proof fabric that can be used over and over again, just attach it to your shock cord and wrap it around your parachute.

All three options work perfectly and you can choose whichever one you like. Nomex is great on larger rockets that would otherwise use quite a lot of conventional wadding.
Likewise Klimas natural wadding is biodegradable so we strongly recommend you consider this one too. 
You can also install wadding free options such as Piston's and baffles to escape the need for any wadding at all! We have all of these items in our shop so please have a look around.