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All sorts of body tubes and air frames from many materials.

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BrandEstes Diameter66.04mm Dimensions66.04mm x 361mm Inside diameter65.02mm Length361mm Outside diameter66.04mm
Stock: 7 item(s)
BrandEstes Diameter24.8mm Dimensions24.8mm x 457mm Inside diameter24.1mm Length457mm Outside diameter24.8
Stock: 7 item(s)
BrandEstes Diameter42mm Dimensions42mm x 457mm Inside diameter40.5mm Length457mm Outside diameter42mm
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BrandEstes Diameter34mm Dimensions34mm x 457mm Inside diameter32.6mm Length457mm Outside diameter34mm
Stock: 11 item(s)
BrandEstes Diameter13.8mm Dimensions13.8mm x 457mm Inside diameter13.2mm Length457mm Outside diameter13.8mm
Stock: 9 item(s)
BrandEstes Diameter18.7mm Dimensions18.7mm x 457mm Inside diameter18mm Length457mm Outside diameter18.7mm
Stock: 5 item(s)
BrandEstes TypeTools & Accessories
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BrandEstes Length609.6mm Quantity in pack1 TypeAirframe / body tube