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Motor tube lets you create your own motor mounts, pick a suitable diameter for your motor. Add a thrust ring at the top (some motors won't need this but they tend to be larger ones). And finally a motor retaining system to the bottom and you're sorted. If you need larger motor mount tube for other projects then this is available in the main category under Scratch building. 

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BrandEstes Diameter24.8mm Dimensions24.8mm x 457mm Inside diameter24.1mm Length457mm Outside diameter24.8
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BrandKlima Diameter29mm Dimensions31mm x 150mm Inside diameter29mm Length150mm Outside diameter31mm
BrandLOC Precision Diameter18mm Length152mm Quantity in pack6 TypeMotor mount tube
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BrandLOC Precision Diameter29mm Length305mm TypeMotor mount tube
Stock: 5 item(s)
BrandLOC Precision Diameter24mm Length152mm TypeMotor mount tube
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BrandKlima Diameter25mm Inside diameter24mm Length70mm Quantity in pack1 TypeMotor mounts
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BrandEstes Diameter18.7mm Dimensions18.7mm x 457mm Inside diameter18mm Length457mm Outside diameter18.7mm
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BrandKlima Diameter29mm Dimensions31mm x 95mm Inside diameter29mm Length95mm Outside diameter31mm
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BrandBlackcat rocketry Diameter31.8mm Dimensions31.8mm x 250mm Inside diameter29.3mm Length250mm Motor mount29mm
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BrandLOC Precision Diameter24mm Length152mm TypeMotor mount tube
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BrandLOC Precision Diameter29mm Length152mm TypeMotor mount tube